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7 reviews for 2021 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN LT

  1. John

    This guy is something different. Very professional service. He take care about all details. Thank you buddy

    • editor

      Thank you sir!

  2. Fernando

    Amazing service, beautiful car and Boris was awesome driver. Thank you

  3. Kate S

    The entire Team was good to work with! I booked my car via phone with a REAL PERSON! I hate doing it over the Internet. They over communicate the plan which is great! Real customer focused group!

    Boris our chauffeur was the absolute best! He was 15-20 minutes early for our pickup! Very professional, courteous and safety conscious! Very good experience. Thanks

  4. Thais Arsolino

    Most professional car service I have ever used. Reserved the Suburban for a weekend trip in Washington DC. Driver was super professional, punctual and courteous and the car was impeccably clean. I was happy to see the driver wore a mask the entire time, had gloves on and there was sanitizing bottles in the vehicle. I will definitely be booking with them again in the near future.

  5. Manuella Banke

    I started using Boris service since my previous job. From that time to now I see always evolution on his services. Always new vehicles added, smelling great, the customer service is also something that really dazzles me. They are always attended to the details. Even small things like brand of water or soda that I mentioned once to the driver that I liked to drink, and from that time on. My beverage is always there waiting for me. How nice is that?!
    The cell charges that they offer are also a life savers.
    Regarding the drivers, they are polite, quite and professional. The vehicle is also not just new. But very well cleaned. I always joke with them asking if I am the first client of the day and they always reply that they treat all of us as the first time of the day client no matter what. Meaning the car will be impeccable all times.
    I wish I could give to Boris more than 5 stars because they are the best limousine company out there.

  6. Harini

    Best service ever!!! Boris, is not just professional… he has empathy, very courteous and punctual. He is fully vaccinated and always masked. Suburban is very very comfortable, impeccably clean and fun to ride in. Water bottle for everyone. Hand sanitizer and phone charge available.

    • Boris

      Thank you so much for this kind of review. I really appreciate that.

  7. Rachel T.

    I was part of a private tour of the monuments at night. Boris was not only a fantastic tour guide, but also had suggestions of other parts of the city to visit. He’s very accommodating, personable and professional. So, if you need transport to ot from airport, or a tour around the city, Boris is your guy, and his limo is your ride!

    • Boris

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate that.

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